Eraswap court is a Decentralized Dispute Management System for Multiple utility Platforms of Era Swap Ecosystem. It build on the Blockchain dispute resolution layer which makes it Fast, Open and Affordable Dispute resolution for all.

Why Era Swap Faith Minus

Apply as Conservators

Conservators are members who will resolve the dispute arising on the platform and also review the Power Token allocation in Swappers Wall or other Platforms of Eraswap Ecosystem.

Peer-to-Peer Dispute Resolution

A peer to peer platform that uses anonymous Dispute resolvers dedicated to resolve the Dispute on the Network.

Affordable & Quick Turnaround time

The Disputed parties can now open dispute with user friendly Dispute Management System and get the resolution a per the Turnaround 24 Hrs to 96 Hours.

An Unbiased Ecosystem

The Decentralized Dispute Management System is corruption free due to Era Swap blockchain , which ensure immutability and transparency, as well as automation of transactions and claims.

Cost Optimization

The Decentralized approach of Era Swap Faith Minus reduces the cost by 70% due to automation & digital claims settlement.

Multi Layers Resolution Mechanism

The Era Swap Faith Minus provides the dispute parties complete transparency & corruption free flexibility to counter and settle dispute at multi layer resolution approach.

Create Robust Contracts

Enterprise & Other institutes can choose & create customized templates of agreements & Dispute management for respective domain.

Join the Eraswap Faith Minus

Join the Eraswap Court to become either a curator or become a partner

Join as a Conservator

Become a Conservator, earn & resolve dispute for Decentralized application

Join as Juror

Become a Partner

Become a partner for solving your disputes by sending it to Eraswap faith minus

Join as partner


Participate & Earn Your Share

Every Conservator, who stakes Era Swap (ES) in TimeAlly Curator Plan (TCP)for 6 months , is allowed to participate in the Era Swap Faith Minus. The share of the fees, the Conservator will get as per the Workpool depends on the number of Tokens he/she staked and predominantly on his activity in the Era Swap Faith Minus. This means that the Curators are rewarded for their efforts in the Era Swap Faith Minus..

Join as a Conservator

Become a Conservator, earn & resolve dispute for Decentralized application.

Become a Partner

Are you building a marketplace, a content sharing platform or any other that requires dispute resolution? Send your disputes to Era Swap Faith Minus and our protocol returns them resolved. Integrate Faith Minus as a Serviceon your platform.